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Never let a little water slow you down. Our solutions are ready for you fast!

Never let a little water slow you down. Our solutions are ready for you fast!

Simulated Waters

To address environmental product testing applications, Pickering Laboratories, Inc. now offers Hard Water Substitute, manufactured according to ASTM E1945-02. The solution contains precise amounts of Calcium and Magnesium ions and comes in three levels of hardness. The ASTM method addresses the testing of pesticides dispersibility, but the hard water substitute could be used to test cleaning agents as well as lathering and other process affected by water hardness. We also offer Substitute Ocean Water, prepared according to ASTM D1141-98 official method, and Simulated Sea Water for permeation testing according to Test Operations Procedure 08-2-501A.

Substitute Ocean Water ASTM D1141-98 (2003)

Substitute ocean water is prepared according to official ASTM method D1141-98. This product could be successfully used in a wide variety of tests where solution simulating sea water is required, such as oil contamination testing, detergent evaluation and corrosion testing. The pH of the solution is 8.2. The solution is ready to use and is stored at room temperature. Inquire about different sizes.

Substitute Ocean Water

Simulated Sea Water for Permeation Testing

This solution was formulated according to Test Operations Procedure 08-2-501A that describes permeation testing of materials with chemical agents or simulants (Swatch Testing).

Simulated Sea Water