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Synthetic Soil

Synthetic soil is used as the soiling option for evaluations of stain and soiling related to pile yarn floor coverings. The official methods that are used for these evaluations are AATCC TM122, AATCCTM123 and ASTM D6540. The procedure to apply the test soil is being improved to make it reproducible, and this has changed the status of some of the methods.

Regardless, the synthetic soil used to soil or stain the floor covering has remained the same. The ingredients used and the procedure for formulating the synthetic soil is now available as AATCC LP4-2023. The Pickering Laboratories Synthetic soil (1700-0706) follows this procedure, sieved using 200 mesh sieve and is available in 25 g quantities. This formulation can also be used in other product testing procedures that require the use of synthetic soil.