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Artificial Saliva

Artificial Saliva

Artificial Saliva

Pickering Laboratories manufactures a variety of artificial saliva formulations designed for product testing and research. Several artificial saliva products follow official testing methods that are globally accepted for testing corrosion or colorfastness of consumer products and dental devices. In addition, we offer a range of formulations based on published scientific data. To increase the stability of some products during storage, several artificial saliva formulations come in two parts that are mixed just before use. Custom formulations to accommodate specific pH or ingredient requirements are also available upon customer request.

Bottles of Artificial Saliva

Artificial Saliva ASTM E2720-16/
ASTM E2721-16 with Mucin

This artificial saliva formulation is prepared according to official methods ASTM E2720-16 and ASTM E2721-16, which specify for the evaluation of decontamination procedures for surfaces and materials contaminated with human pathogenic viruses. The formulation has a mineral composition and pH close to human saliva and contains Mucin to increase the viscosity and lubricating ability of the solution. This artificial saliva can also be used for dental, drug delivery or pharmaceutical studies. The stabilized solution is pre-mixed and has a preservative added to prevent bacterial growth; it is stored at room temperature. The two-part non-stabilized formulation comes with dry pre-weighted mucin powder to be mixed in before use. Non-stabilized solution should be stored refrigerated. The pH of the formulation is 7.

Fusayama/Meyer Artificial Saliva


This ready-to-use solution closely resembles the
mineral composition of natural saliva and can be used
for testing a wide variety of products, including dental
metal alloys. This formulation is at pH 4.9 and should
be stored refrigerated.

Modified Fusayama/Meyer, Custom pH

This variation of classic Fusayama/Meyer formulation
contains Potassium Thiocyanate that is present in
natural saliva and has been shown to be elevated in
smokers. This formulation is manufactured according
to customer’s pH specifications in the range of pH
3.0-6.5. The formulation contains a preservative to
prevent bacteria growth and can be stored at room

DIN 53160-1:2010-10 Artificial Saliva


Artificial saliva is prepared according to specifications of DIN 53160-1:200, SN/T 1058.1-2013 and GB/T 18886-2019 official methods. The formulation consists of two parts that are mixed right before use. This minimizes changes in the solution during storage and allows for a longer shelf life. The solution should be kept frozen for long-term storage. The pH of the solution after mixing is 6.8. A made-to-order pre-mixed formulation is available for customers who intend to use the artificial saliva within one month.

ISO 10271-2011 Artificial Saliva


This Artificial Saliva is formulated according to ISO 10271-2011 standard procedure. ISO 10271-2011 specifies the method for corrosion testing for metallic material in dental devices. The solution should be stored in the refrigerator. The pH of the solution is 2.3.

AFNOR NF S91-141 Artificial Saliva


Artificial Saliva is prepared according to AFNOR NF S91-141 standard procedure and is intended for testing biodegradability of dental metal alloys. The formulation consists of two parts that are mixed right before use. This minimizes changes in the solution during storage and allows for a longer shelf life. The pH of the solution after mixing is 7.8. The Artificial Saliva should be stored refrigerated both before and after mixing. Premixed, ready-to-use solution is available upon request.

Artificial Saliva for Pharmaceutical Research

Artificial Saliva is formulated according to literature
for pharmaceutical research such as studies of drug
dissolution and drug delivery through oral mucosa.
This is a ready to use formulation that should be stored
refrigerated. The pH of the solution is 6.8.

Artificial Saliva for Medical and Dental Research

This Artificial Saliva is formulated according to
literature references for medical and dental research.
This formulation has similar composition to commercially
available products used to treat dry mouth and
other conditions. This ready-to-use solution contains
Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose to increase viscosity
of the solution and make it behave similar to natural
human saliva. This formulation contains a preservative
and can be stored at room temperature and has pH of
6.8. This solution is only intended for product testing
and research, and not for medical use.


Amylase is the main enzyme in human saliva and is needed for starch digestion. As some applications require studying the effect of enzymes in saliva, Pickering Laboratories offers an easy way to add biological activity to your chosen artificial saliva product. Once added to the 200 mL bottle of artificial saliva, our Amylase product will provide 80 U/mL of enzyme activity.