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Artificial Urine

Artificial Urine

Industry Specific Artificial Urine

For more than 10 years, Pickering Laboratories has been supplying companies with artificial body fluids designed to test an array of materials, components and finished products. Our artificial urine solutions are formulated both according to official testing methods as well as published research on the use of artificial urine for corrosion testing, medical studies and related applications. The products do not come sterile but could be sterilized before customer use using filtration.

Bottles of Artificial Urine

Artificial Urine Stabilized

This ready-to-use solution has the same composition
as Artificial Urine Medium and closely resembles
human urine. This formulation contains non-toxic
preservative to avoid bacteria growth and can be
stored at room temperature. The pH of Artificial Urine
Stabilized is 6.5.

Artificial Urine for Corrosion Testing of Urological Implants, Stabilized

This artificial urine is designed for testing metallic
biomaterials used to produce urological implants and
catheters. This convenient product is a ready-to-use
solution. The formulation contains non-toxic preservative
to avoid bacteria growth and can be stored at
room temperature. The pH of the final solution is 6.0.

DIN EN 1616:1999 Artificial Urine for
Testing Sterile Urethral Catheters

Artificial Urine is prepared according to DIN EN
1616:1999 standard procedure. DIN EN 1616 specifies
the method to test sterile urethral catheters. This
ready-to-use solution should be stored frozen to avoid
bacteria growth. The pH of the solution is 6.6.

Artificial Urine Medium for Growing Urological Pathogens

This ready-to-use solution closely resembles composition
of human urine and can be used for clinical
studies as well as for product testing. This formulation
supports growth of wide range of urinary pathogens
and it is also capable of forming crystals similar to
these found in natural urinary tract infections. It can
be used as negative controls in laboratory testing. pH
of the Artificial Urine Medium is 6.5. This product is
stored frozen.

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