About Us

About Us

Pickering Laboratories, Inc.
A Pioneer in Biochemical Reagents and Instrumentation

For 25 years Pickering has developed applications required by government and private laboratories. Pickering leadership in both the design and manufacture of biochemical reagents and instrumentation assures the quality of both.

Pickering’s team of dedicated research and application chemist, engineers, operational specialists, and experienced managers produce and sell direct and through 87 distributors in 150 countries in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Headquarters are in Mountain View, California.

Consumer products testing laboratories and manufacturers are invited to contact Pickering for artificial perspiration needs analysis. Phone 800-654-3330 or 650-694-6700. Fax 650-968-0749.  E-mail: sales@pickeringlabs.com.  Website:  www.pickeringlabs.com.


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