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1700-0903 UPC Simulated Intestinal Fluid


Imitation of gastrointestinal conditions is necessary for dissolution and pharmacokinetic studies of drug formulations. Dissolution is a routine part of Quality Control testing for most medications and dissolution methods, including required medium, are specified by Pharmacopeia monographs. The use of appropriate dissolution media during drug development stage also helps answer questions on bioavailability of the pharmaceuticals. This Simulated Intestinal Fluid is prepared according to USP specifications. Our 2-part formulation comes with dry pre-weighted pancreatin powder to be mixed in before use. This allows for longer shelf life of the product and predictable activity of the enzyme in solution. Liquid part of the formulation, containing Monobasic Potassium Phosphate and Sodium Hydroxide at pH 6.8, could also be used for testing of pharmaceuticals that are required by USP to be tested in Simulated Intestinal Fluid without enzyme.
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